Foods That Help Fight Cancer

Preventing Cancer With Color

Fruits and vegetables are loaded in cancer-fighting elements -- and the more colors, the more components they contain. These foods can help lower your risk in another way, too, when they assist you maintain a healthy body weight. having extra pounds boosts the risk for multiple cancers, including colon, esophagus and kidney cancers. aspire for minimum five servings a day, made in a healthy way. So go heavy on the colored vegetables: red peppers, yellow peppers, colorful berries and fruit, dark green herbs -- all the colors you can get.

The Cancer-battling Breakfast

Folate is an essential B vitamin that may help protect against cancers of the colon, rectum, and breast. You can find folate in abundance on the breakfast table. Fortified breakfast cereals and whole wheat goods are good sources of folate. So are orange juice, melons, and strawberries.

More Folate-full ingredients

Other great sources of folate are asparagus and eggs. You might as well discover it in chicken liver, beans, sunflower seeds, and leafy green vegetables such as spinach or romaine lettuce. As stated by to the American Cancer Society, the finest way to receive folate is not from a pill, but by eating enough fruits, vegetables, and also enriched grain products.

Leave alone the Deli store

An irregular hot-dog at the ballpark most likely isn't going to harm you. But limiting processed meats like bologna, ham, and hot dogs might aid lower your chance of colorectal and stomach cancers. Moreover, eating meats that have been retained by smoking or with salt increases your subjection to agents that can most likely lead to cancer. It's basically the same as smoking cigarettes, but you get that smoke from your ham.

Skip the sugar

Sugar might not be the direct reason for cancer. But it may well displace and obstruct other nutrient-rich foods and elements that actually help protect your body cells cancer. Moreover, sugar boosts your daily calorie counts, and that contributes to overweight and ultimately obesity. Exceeding weight may well be a cancer risk factor. Keep in mind that various fruit presents a sweet alternative to sugar in a vitamin-rich package.

Do Not Rely on Supplements too much

Vitamins help protect against cancer, but when you get them naturally, from food. American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research emphasize that getting cancer-curing nutrients from foods is much better then getting them from supplements.

What Are Healthy PH Levels in the Body?

When you hear the term pH level, you are probably transported back to some vague memory from high school science class but most people are not aware of how important it is for them to have a good understanding of how the pH levels in their physical bodies work. Failing to know how important the pH equilibrium in your body is can result in your having a highly acidic system, an issue that can lead to many different health conditions. Let's take a close look at what pH levels are and how they affect your body so that you can stay feeling as fit and good as possible.

What Are pH Levels?

pH is the measure used in chemistry to determine the acidity in solutions in which the solvent is water (an aqueous solution). Thus, pH levels tell us how acidic an environment is and this is important because certain compounds flourish in acidity, and many of these are not the kinds that we want flowing through our systems (i.e. yeast, certain bacteria).

pH in the Body

The acidity (or pH levels) in our bodies is determined by metabolic byproducts and our diets. The pH scale exists from 0 to 14 and when the body has a pH level that is lower than 7 it has become too acidic. High abidity in the body creates an environment in which the following health problems flourish:

· Candida (yeast)

· Allergies

· Chronic fatigue

· Leaky gut syndrome

· Weakening of skin, bones, nails, and hair

· Cramps

· Anxiety and panic disorders

· Increased risk of the spread of cancerous cells

From the list above, you can see that you don't want your body to be home to a high acidity environment. But how can you protect yourself against low pH levels and their corresponding ailments?

Maintaining pH Equilibrium

So how do we maintain a healthy pH balance in our bodies? There are several ways that we can protect our bodies from the ravages of low pH and the good news is that they are fairly simple and are within our control. First, it is important to drink a lot of water (the recommended 8 glasses a day) as water neutralizes acidity. Second, it is crucial that our eating habits do make room for food that lowers our acidity: processed grains, junk food, red meat, sugars, and soda. The third and maybe most important way that we can keep our pH balanced is by taking control of our emotions. Research shows that emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, and hate all facilitate the creation of acidic-forming chemical reactions in the body by the hypothalamus while emotions such as happiness, love, and joy create alkaline-forming chemical reactions that neutralize acidity. Your mood and the way you think about things can literally affect your pH levels!

Understanding the importance of pH levels is vital to maintaining a healthy body and serves as yet another example of how we control the health and vitality of our physical bodies not only by what we eat but also by how we think. You are the creator of the environment of both your body and mind-so why not make the choice to live in love, health, and happiness.

Top Ten Aphrodisiac Foods For Women

A woman without libidn is a darling to no man. Men call it the cookie, and every husband deserves a cookie when he comes back home in the evening.

There are many factors that contribute to low libido. The good news is that you do not require medical attention to energize yourself for bedtime.

You can keep your man even if you are suffering from sexual dysfunction. This is because your sexual health depends on your mental, psychological and physical energy.

Your aphrodisiac is right in the food you take. Here is a list of top 10 aphrodisiac foods for women:

1. Red Wine

Red wine contains high levels of resveratrol. This antioxidant is known for its ability to increase the amount of estrogen produced by the female body. Estrogen is the chief sex hormone in women, and secretion of estrogen increases your desire for sex. Red wine is the only recommended alcohol that seems to have a positive sexual effect in women.

2. Chocolates

Chocolate increases the rate of endorphin production by your body, and is better consumed before you begin kissing. If possible, blend bars of chocolate with a small portion of raspberries for a long, passionate kiss.

3. Honey

Honey is rich in boron, a useful component in the metabolism of estrogen.

4. Bananas

Bananas not only resemble the penis in shape and length, but are rich in potassium and B vitamins. These sexy fruits are known to aid the production of sex hormones.

5. Ginger

Ginger simulates the circulatory system and improves blood flow for better performance in bed. It leaves you relaxed and in the right mood for sex.

6. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts contain high levels of Zinc, a natural stimulant for women.

7. Carrots

Carrots contain beta-carotene and other vitamins that are required for the development of sex hormones.

8. Mustard seeds

Mustard is a natural stimulant that increases the appetite for sex in women.

9. Almonds

Almonds are known to stimulate women and prepare them psychologically for sex. They are also a traditional remedy for infertility.

10. Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in common kitchen tea or coffee. It improves blood flow, supplying the sexual organs with sufficient blood required for improved performance in bed.

For better results, combine small portions of these foods and serve them with dinner. Since most of these foods contain other health benefits, try to blend them well and in right portions.

Use them to prepare deserts and salads, but avoid taking too much of one ingredient. Sexual energy can always be channeled to other roles such as creative thinking. Nevertheless, you need to be creative when serving meals.

For instance, you can have a mug of coffee a few hours before dinner. A glass of warm water or honey mixed with 2 teaspoonfuls of honey is the perfect way to prepare for a great night.


Yes, we know that it's not a food, but, as a woman I can assure you that the most potent aphrodisiac for a woman is a man who pays her positive attention and compliments. Believe me, if you don't appreciate your woman, someone else will.

The primary reason a woman loses interest in sex with her man is because her man loses interest in paying her compliments and making her feel beautiful and important.

Spend a little less time on the couch with your beer and football and a little more time complimenting her on the things she does to look good and she'll do even more to look good for you.

Also work on your psychological and mental health by dealing with stress and depression and follow a healthy diet so as to keep your organs in a proper working condition. A relaxed mind and healthy body are crucial for improved sexual performance.

5 Vitamin A Foods You Should Know About

When you think of foods high in Vitamin A I'm willing to bet the first thing that comes to mind are carrots. There are more (lots more) foods with Vitamin A than carrots. Before I get any further I do have mention something... the only foods with the readily-usable, pure form of it come from animal sources.

The others which come from plant sources are actually Beta Carotene.

Why does this matter?

The thing with Vitamin A from animal foods (also called "preformed Vitamin A") is it's ready to be used as soon as you digest it.

With beta carotene its used as an antioxidant first and then if there's anything left the rest will be converted and used as the vitamin. There are many benefits in getting it from both plant and animal foods.

So let's go over the best food sources we can find...


Turkey, 1 cup, 52,000 IU
Beef Liver, 3 oz, 22,000 IU
Skim Milk, 1 cup, 400 IU
Egg, 1 large, 270 IU
Cheese, cheddar 1 oz, 280 IU

Foods with Beta Carotene (food, food amount, Vitamin A in IU)

Sweet potato, 1 medium, 9,230 IU
Carrot (raw), 1 cup, 18,000
Collard greens (cooked), 1/2 cup, 7,410
Spinach (cooked), 1/2 cup, 7,290
Kale (cooked), 1/2 cup, 4,560
Squash (winter), 1 cup, 10,700
Pumpkin (canned), 1 cup, 38,000
Apricots (dried), 35 grams (10 halves), 1,200
Cantaloupe, 1 cup, 2,700
Peach, 1 large, 2,000
Red bell pepper, 1/2 cup, 2,500

The RDA assumes you're getting a good amount from animal foods. Even though it's true not many people eat enough fruits and vegetables, let's set the record straight.

Most of the animal foods rich in Vitamin A are also high in calories (mostly fat) and cholesterol. Similar to the Vitamin E food sources which also mostly come from fatty food sources... getting it mostly from animal sources may not be the best strategy.

It's best to get most, if not all, of it from plant foods. A few things to keep in mind...

• The Vitamin A found in plants is Beta Carotene.
• Your body absorbs only about 40% of the beta carotene you eat.
• And of that 40%, another 40% of the carotenes you eat are used as Vitamin A. The rest is used as antioxidants.

Example: You eat 1 cup of carrots. That's around 18,000IU of beta carotene.
40% gets used as the vitamin form (the rest as antioxidants) which leaves you with 7200IU.

And at an absorption rate of 40%, you're getting 2880IU.

So 1 cup of carrots leaves you with 2880IU and to get the full benefits it's best to get 10,000IU to 15,000IU per day.

So this just means you'll need to eat more fruits and vegetables (a good thing!) or take a supplement.

Eat the Cheese

Not long ago, I was on an online forum where someone who had given up dairy products was talking about the fact that she was craving cheese. But what struck me about this was that she was feeling bad about it. I very seldom eat dairy either and about a month ago, I had a craving for cheese. So what did I do? I bought a chunk of sheep's milk Manchego (my favorite cheese ever) and enjoyed it. I would shred a bit in my frittata, or add a bit to a salad, or use it to garnish a soup.

We all have cravings at one time or another and cravings are something I work with my clients to eliminate. But let's face it, there are times when you need to satisfy a craving with what you're craving. Why am I OK with this? Because if you're craving a 'forbidden' food, there's usually a very good reason for it. For myself, many of my cravings are seasonal. I naturally crave heavier foods when it's cold and cheese fits that bill. In addition, I didn't satisfy my craving with just any cheese. I chose a good quality cheese that I love and I thoroughly enjoyed it without guilt.

Something else I've noticed with clients, is that as their diets improve, their cravings will change to healthier foods. For example, one client that used to crave fast food was at one point craving seafood. If you are craving something you're trying to avoid though, here are a few strategies for satisfying the craving without derailing your healthy eating:

Choose a healthier version of the food. For example, rather than the local fast food burger, bring home some good quality, grass-fed beef and make your own burger. Put it on your favorite bun, or, if it's simply the burger you're craving, have it without the bread with a big salad on the side.

Eat one serving out. Have you been craving ice cream? Rather than bring home a half-gallon that you know you'll eventually polish off, go out to a local ice cream shop and have a cone or a cup of your favorite flavor. Sit and relax and eat it slowly, savoring every bite. Even if you splurge on a hot fudge sundae, accept that you had it and move on.

Integrate your craving into your healthy diet. With my cheese craving, I bought a block of it and included a little bit in my healthy meals and when the cheese was gone, I was so over it. This also works for some people who crave chocolate. A small piece of good-quality, dark chocolate after lunch is enough to satisfy their chocolate fix. I probably wouldn't recommend integrating double pepperoni pizza into your everyday diet, though!

The good news is, often most cravings can be satisfied after having one serving of a food, but if cravings persist, then there may be a significant underlying cause that needs to be further addressed. This is where someone like me comes in. I can help clients deconstruct and get to the root cause of cravings and establish alternative methods for satisfying them.

The Best Supplements for Type B's

Maybe you are familiar with the Blood Type Diet; it is a very effective diet based on every individual's blood type, and each of these have a distinct tendency to certain nutrients. This means that each person can follow the diet plan that has been recommended for his or her type, and experience all the health and weight loss benefits is has to offer. This will have an influence on the occurrence of allergies or other health issues in the body and can improve one's overall health and wellness significantly. With different characteristics, the nutrients we each need to consume keep our bodies healthy are also different.

Blood type B individuals tend to produce a higher than normal cortisol level; especially in stressful situations. Type B is also sensitive to a specific lectin found in various foods. This can result in inflammation and also subjects these individuals to a higher risk for developing Syndrome X, which can lead to susceptibility to slow growth, lingering viruses, and various autoimmune diseases. Type B individuals tend to have fewer risk factors to diseases, and tend to have a better physical fitness and mental wellbeing; compared to other types. But of course there is still a risk of various diseases that can have a negative impact on your health.

Various supplements and vitamins have been recommended to support our health. To be able to obtain effective results, you need to consider the type of vitamins or supplements you should consume for your specific type. For type B, there are some vitamins that are especially beneficial to consume.

The first vitamin is Magnesium. People who have blood type B have a greater tendency to magnesium deficiency which can lead to excess weight. Magnesium is very beneficial for proper energy metabolism, however, always do consult your doctor before you decide to take this vitamin, since this vitamin can also cause diarrhea, and should also be avoided by people with kidney or heart disease.

Another beneficial supplement is Licorice. People with blood type B have a special tendency to abnormalities in the digestive system related to stress. Licorice is a plant whose roots are very useful for treating indigestion, gastric reflux, and ulcers. These herbs are also recommended to help prevent stomach problems that occur in people with type B.

Type B's should also consider supplementing with elderberry. Elderberry is a plant that contains fruit compounds that might have antiviral and anti-inflammatory abilities. Several studies have shown that elderberry can help to treat fever and flu, and also to cure sinus infections.

All the suggestions made above are very beneficial for type B's and will help to maintain and improve their health. However, you are advised to consult with your doctor first before taking any additional supplementation.

Benefit of Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits which include bone strength, stress relief, skin care, maintaining cholesterol levels, increased immunity, weight loss, proper metabolism and digestion as well as relief from heart diseases, kidney problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV, dental care and hair care. The advantages of coconut oil could be attributable to its presence of caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid as well as its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties.

Hair Care
For hair care, coconut oil is among the most effective natural nutrition. It assists in the healthy growth of your hair, providing it with a shiny bounce. Regularly massaging this product in the head ensures that the scalp has a lack of lice eggs and lice, dandruff and dry scalp.

Skin Care
For the skin, this substance is also an outstanding massage oil for your skin. It serves as a valuable moisturizer on every type of skin including ultra dry skin. The advantage of coconut oil to your skin is similar to what mineral oil does for the skin. However, in contrast to mineral oil, no chance is there of having any unfavourable side effects when you make use of product.

Therefore, coconut oil is a solution that is safe for putting a stop to flaking and dryness of skin. In addition, it delays sagging and wrinkling of the skin which typically become very prominent when you age. Additionally, the substance assists in the treatment of a variety of skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis as well as other skin conditions. Therefore, the oil is included as a basic ingredient of a variety of skin care products including creams, lotions, and soaps that are utilized on a daily basis. In addition, the oil assists in preventing degenerative diseases and premature aging which occurs as a result of the antioxidant properties it contains.

Heart Diseases
A misconception exists among a number of individuals the coconut oil is bad on the heart. This is in view of the fact that it contains a huge amount of saturated fats. However, that is incorrect and the oil is valuable to the heart. The oil contains approximately 50 percent of lauric acid, which assists in the prevention of a variety of heart problems as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. The saturated fats that are present in this product are harmless and actually beneficial.

Increase Metabolism Using These 7 Proven Ideas

Dieting is not a good way to increase your metabolism. If you want to find a healthy way to increase your body metabolism, dieting and weight loss pills are not the answer. Most people don't stick to a diet anyway and in fact most people see little success dropping weight. The result is they feel distressed and defeated with no long-term positive results.

Here is the answer you have been waiting for. Put these seven proven tips for increasing metabolism into practice immediately and start to notice changes for a healthier and hotter you.

1. Enjoying a good nights sleep is one of the most significant steps toward getting the energy to ramp up that metabolism. There have been scientific studies that demonstrate people getting 4 or less hours of sleep may have slower metabolic rates as compared to individuals who get 8 hours of sleep per night. There is some variability naturally among people, but most experts advise getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. After a short time you will be able to determine what is best for your body.

2. Some studies show that as we get into the later afternoon and early evening our metabolism tends to slow down. Consequently, to ensure that you do burn up more calories, it's wise to do some late day or evening walking or a few other physical exercises that will assist you to raise your heart rate and burn off more calories. Building lean muscles can help you burn even more calories for a longer time period. If you want to take advantage of some of those additional calorie burning periods, try weight lifting exercises for good results. Be watchful not to exercise too late in the night so as to affect your sleep.

3. Get more mobility in your life. As you become more active you will burn more calories and raise metabolism. One idea could be to walk to some of the places you go rather than taking the car. You can start to make steady progress by adjusting a few of your routines. A few of these changes will come easy, while others will take longer to make the adjustments. Some of these changes may be simple ideas such as taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator, walking instead of riding, or partaking in physical exercises such as weight lifting. You could even do a few pushups instead of sitting watching TV. This is just a start and I will bet that you will come up with many more suggestions for changing your activity level as well.

4. When planning meals, try to incorporate more protein and healthy fats into your diet. Reducing carbohydrate intake, especially from snack foods and soda is very important. One benefit of eating more protein is its ability to stabilize insulin levels in the bloodstream. To avoid that big let-down you get sometimes after eating high carb meals, try eating more healthy fats from such foods as nuts, avacados, and olive oil in salad dressings.

5. A lot of people think by skipping meals they are cutting down their caloric intake and therefore will lose weight. This is not a healthy way to shed pounds or help increase your metabolism. In fact, your metabolism will slow down and make you add fat. Your body thinks you are starving and takes action by making fat and storing it for future use. Eating 6 meals spaced out during the day and paying attention to smaller portions and healthy food choices, is a much healthier approach. Weight loss and enhanced metabolism will be the biggest benefits of this smaller portion and more frequent meal plan.

6. Drink a few glasses of ice water throughout the day. Not only does your body require the water to make sure you maintain proper digestion, but you can burn more calories warming the ice water to body temperature. Water is essential for detoxifying your system and maintaining metabolic balances for all your organs. Staying properly hydrated will keep you energized and help you maintain optimal health.

7. Try adding raw juices from fresh fruits and vegetable to your diet. You could even go so far as to try juice fasting or going on a juice diet for a few days. This may be over the top for some people, but definitely adding juices from fresh produce will increase metabolism and help to detoxify your system. You also get the added benefits of increased antioxidants and the vitamins and minerals that are found in these fresh fruits and veggies. Using a juicer is the ideal way to accomplish this and then just get creative or purchase a juice recipe book to give you some good ideas for some refreshing juice drinks.

There is no simple magic formula to help you increase metabolism and lose weight. However by applying all or some of these methods you will see noticeable changes for a healthier you.

How Strong Is Your Immune System?

How many of these drugs are you taking on a regular basis?
  •     Cold medicine
  •     Antibiotics
  •     Aspirin
  •     Allergy medications

Far too many people are living with a vulnerable immune system that cannot successfully defend itself from diseases and sicknesses. Did you know that your immune system has the inborn capability to protect itself from ill health? When your body is healthy and fit, your immune system has the ability to defend itself against millions of toxins, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. So why are so many people these days, including yourself, turning to man-made, chemical-filled drugs to perform the natural functions of a healthy body?

What Is Inside That Medication?

Go and take some time to actually read through the ingredients on the medicines that are filling your medicine cabinet. Without a doubt, you will find a long list of words that are unpronounceable and most likely completely foreign to your knowledge. Although they may sound scientific, if you're not sure what any of the words mean, then you are still at a loss with understanding just what is inside of those pills you are taking.

The bottom line is that most medications can and will cause unfavorable side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, drowsiness, nausea, liver damage, and dizziness, to name a few.

Staying hydrated, and improving your immune system naturally is a totally safe way to help you avoid sickness and poor health. You will probably be surprised at how simple it really is to boost your immune system and thwart sickness for good.

  •     Exercise regularly
  •     Drink alcohol only in moderation
  •     Get plenty of sleep
  •     Don't smoke
  •     Eat a healthy diet, high in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits
  •     Drink pure, clean water every day

In order to drink truly clean water, you will have to stop yourself from running out and buying bottled waters and average water filters that really are not doing much of anything. Bottled and tap water can contain contaminants, toxins, and unregulated chemicals--these should not be entering your body when attempting to boost your immune system! Why spend all of this money on bottled water or a sub-par filter for your tap water, when neither one of these things will give you the results that your body needs?

The only way you will achieve a great immune system by drinking the best water, is by drinking clean, ionized, alkaline water. By drinking this water every day as a part of your new regimen, your immune system will benefit from it and you will not only see results, you'll feel the results. And that is the most important thing. You'll be amazed with the changes.

Stop relying on man-made medications to do a job that your immune system is perfectly capable of doing itself! Visit The Wonder Water Story now for much more information.

Infections of a Surgical Wound

Wounds usually break the continuity of the skin and permit organisms to have access to tissues and cause infection.

The first thing that you might want answered is what are wound infections? By definition a wound infection is a surgical site infection or SSI. There are the following varieties of a surgical site infection or SSI.

- A superficial incisional SSI. This is an infection that involves only skin and subcutaneous tissue.

- A deep incisional SSI. This is an infection that involves deep tissues, such as facial and muscle layers.

- An organ/space SSI. This is an infection that involves a part of the body in organs and spaces other than the incision that was opened or manipulated during an operation.

This,as you can see, is a definition of wound infection which is restricted to infections as a result of a surgical incision. If you take a broader view a more general definition would be infection of a wound which was caused by physical injury of the skin as a result of penetrating trauma from plants, animals, guns, knives or other objects.

In a hospital one of the most commonly acquired infections are infections forming in surgical wounds. These are also known to be a cause of morbidity and mortality.

The next question that might come to your mind is what causes wound infections?

In simple terms an infection in a wound is the result of deposition and multiplication of microorganisms in the surgical site of a susceptible host. There are various ways in which microorganisms can find their way into wounds. These include:

- Through direct contact. Here germs are transferred from surgical equipments or the hands of the surgeons or nurses to the wound.

- Via airborne dispersal. Micro organisms are deposited by the surrounding contaminated air.

- Self-contamination. This is a result of migration of the patient's own endogenous flora. These are present on the skin, mucous membranes or gastrointestinal tract to the surgical site.

The organisms that are mostly most commonly associated with wound infections include Staphylococcus aureus/MRSA, Streptococcus pyogenes, Enterococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

To be categorized as a surgical wound infection some symptoms are as follows:

- Infection should occur within thirty days of the operation.

- There is purulent discharge from the site of the surgery.

- There is a purulent discharge from the wound or from the drain placed in wound.

- There are organisms found in the aseptically obtained wound culture.

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7 Important Guidelines for Universal Protection

The nature of any healthcare facility is such that there is an ever-present risk of infection and passing on communicable diseases. Universal protection is thus prescribed because a majority of medical personnel have to come in contact with patients or contaminated materials in course of their work.

The following guidelines will help you to ensure better protection while using personal equipment.

1. Washing Hands: This simple procedure is also many times the most neglected. But the fact remains that washing your hands before and after any treatment is one of the most effective ways to avoid spreading infections and must be followed regularly. If soap and water are unavailable even waterless hand cleaners work well.

2. Equipment: You may know of all the equipment used under universal precautions but you must also actually wear the required gear without skipping on any of them. The most important being the gloves, which should be used for all kinds of treatments or procedures, no matter how basic they are.

3. Wearing Equipment: It is equally important to wear your gear properly. Any equipment worn loosely can allow a splash of blood or fluid to touch your body especially the eyes, mouth and nose if an ill-fitting mask is used. Always remember to use properly fitting gear and wear it securely before starting treatment.

4. Reuse: All equipment that can be reused must be given for suitable cleaning. Decontamination, laundering and sterilization may be some of the methods used according to the equipment. You must ensure that the gear is clean before reuse and also look for damages like tear or breakages that might have been caused during the cleaning process.

5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Masks: CPR requires close contact with a patient, thus use of CPR masks is highly recommended in such cases. If the mask is unavailable, quickly look for resuscitation bags or any similar ventilation device before proceeding to administer artificial respiration without any protection.

6. Proper Disposal: All disposable items of your gear must be discarded properly in the designated containers or bags that have proper labels indicating the potentially bio-hazardous contents. Do not leave such used gear lying around which can lead to spreading of infections, and follow the procedures of your healthcare facility at all times. Even if you are administering first aid away from the facility remember to put such gear in small plastic bags and seal it. Never throw them on the road side after use.

7. Accidental Contact: Even after wearing all the required gear, if some fluid or blood does come in contact with your skin you must use an antiseptic agent to clean it off. If your skin is broken or if you feel unwell then seek medical treatment immediately.

Under universal precautions it is assumed that every patient can potentially carry an infection. Thus it is very important to ensure that the few basic pieces of gear like gloves and face masks are also kept in your first aid kits. Such gear can be helpful to keep you from contracting any disease or even from spreading it to others around you.

Retinol For Flawless Skin

By now, you've most likely heard of Retinol, which is included in a plethora of skin care formulas due to its healing and repairing powers. What is Retinol and what can it do for you? There's a lot to know about the substance. The following paragraphs will outline some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when deciding which skin care product is best for you. (Don't forget: it's always important to read the label on the back of the product you're considering before you apply it to your skin!)

To begin, what exactly is Retinol? Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that can cure a wealth of skin ailments in a relatively quick amount of time, giving long-lasting results to the user. It's a favorite amongst skin professionals and everyday users because it is typically very gentle on all skin types and does not lead to any sort of irritation, like redness, dryness, inflammation, itching, etc. Because of its mildness, skin care companies are able to include it in a very wide variety of their products, thus increasing the benefits that it leads to for you, the consumer.

Retinol has been proven to help diminish fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles; solve problems of pigmentation; clear up scars, warts, and rosacea; and help with damage caused by the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. It's also known for its abilities in ridding the skin of acne. Within the first few applications, you will already notice a significant difference. You skin will look and feel softer and firmer overall, and if you're suffering from a more specific problem, with time, you will notice a substantial improvement.

How does this work, exactly? One thing that makes Retinol so advantageous is that since it is a vitamin A derivative, it's a type of molecule that's small enough to penetrate the epidermis and travel deeper into the layered tissues of the skin. Since this is where the collagen and elastin exist, the Retinol molecules are able to effectively improve the firmness and smoothness of aging skin, which has the tendency to droop, sag, and wrinkle.

Because of its abilities with cell turnnver and the fact that it stimulates the skin cells underneath the epidermis and not merely on this top layer, Retinol is highly regarded as one of the best substances in fighting the signs of aging. It'll give the healthy skin cells underneath the chance to become the epidermis, where currently, dead skin cells are collecting. This is what gives an aging person an increasingly dull, tired look—something that we all wish to avoid!

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Effects of Massage Therapy on the Skin of Lymphedema Patients

The difference between normal massage techniques and manual lymph drainage techniques is that strokes that are used in normal massage therapy are applied with a bit more pressure than are strokes of manual lymph drainage therapy. The basic strokes that are used in normal massage therapy are petrissage, effleurage, tapotement, vibration and friction.

It should be noted that massage stroke effects are not limited to suprafascial tissues like the skin. These strokes also cause reactions in subfascial areas. Subfascial tissues are muscles, tendons and ligaments.
It is possible that local arterial blood flow is increased by massage strokes and there is venous and lymphatic return. Normal massage strokes can loosen subcutaneous adhesions as well.

There are various massage therapy publications that list edema as one of the indications of these techniques. This is a correct statement but it is also in a way misleading if one does not establish or clarify the distinction between edema and lymphedema.

Edema is actually related to suprafascial tissues and can be the result of various problems like inflammation or impaired venous return. Examples of impaired venous return are valvular insufficiency, pregnancy, or prolonged sitting and/or standing.

In edema, the lymphatic system is overloaded but remains intact. This results in water getting accumulated in the tissues. This condition is called dynamic insufficiency.

It is possible that massage therapy benefits some forms of edema but is contraindicated for others. This is why normal massage therapy should not be used in patients with edema without prior consultation with a physician.

Lymphedema on the other hand is always a result of mechanical insufficiency of the lymphatic system. This in turn ends with water and protein accumulating in tissues. When the lymphatic system becomes mechanically insufficient the transport capacity of the system decreases below the required physiological level of water and protein load. The system is not capable then of properly responding to an increase in lymphatic load.

There are also several negative effects of massage therapy on lymphedema. As mentioned before, massage strokes usually lead to an increase in arterial blood flow (also called active hyperemia) in skin areas to which normal massage techniques are applied. This active hyperemia is escorted by an increase in blood capillary pressure. This leads to a subsequent increase in ultrafiltration of water in the blood capillaries area. The result of this process is that more water accumulates in the interstitial spaces. As the lymphatic system is mechanical insufficient the lymphatic system is not able to manage this additional water load and there is an increase in swelling.

3 Points on How to Approach a First Aid Situation

Movies often depict a scene of accident or emergency with a horde of rescue workers arriving in flashing vehicles and running hastily to the victim. Of course this does not happen in real life and nor is it desirable.

If you are the first person on the scene of a certain accident then you must approach the situation in the way as detailed below. Remember that the approach and requirement in an emergency remains fairly the same whether you are a medical professional or just a citizen.

* Assess the Situation: When arriving at the scene, first you must look at the victim before proceeding to look around the sight of the accident. Next you must observe the surroundings and try to ascertain the cause of the accident. Also look out for any signs of danger that may still be present in the area, common among them being falling debris or objects, fire and oncoming traffic. You may also get some information by asking the bystanders. If the situation seems too dangerous to approach then stay away and call for professional help immediately. Remember that the last thing you want is to become a victim yourself. However if the accident scene does seem safe enough to approach then you must carefully reach the victim and try to ascertain the individual's condition. Also see if there more than one victim is on the scene. At times the injuries may turn out to be minor and no further help may be required besides bringing the person to a safe place and cleaning or bandaging the light bruises or minor wounds.

* Call for Help: If you find that the situation is indeed a serious one then you must quickly call up the local emergency number to summon professional help. Inform the officials about the accident and the condition of the victim or victims. Another important thing to remember is to provide the most accurate address possible with a mention of the nearby landmarks for faster location. Also provide the officials with your name and number from where the call is being made, you may even ask them what to do till they arrive and must follow the instructions completely.

* Provide First Aid: Remember that first aid is simply the initial treatment to be given till further help arrives. Thus while waiting for assistance you must do only what is necessary and act according to your level of expertise or knowledge. You may move the victim to a place of safety and look for obvious signs of bleeding and broken bones. But first ensure the victim is breathing and administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to revive the victim. After stabilization you may take steps to arrest bleeding or immobilizing or even providing assurance to the victim.

Since each accident and condition of the victim may vary from another there cannot be set ways to deal with the situation. You must thus use any prior expertise coupled with common sense to approach the accident wisely and do what you can to sustain the victim till the professionals take over.

Relief of Sciatica

Following steps to keep your back in top condition should become part of your daily regimen, when you have sciatica pain. When a flare-up occurs, taking a pain pill or anti-inflammatory will just mask the symptoms, but real relief consists of making changes to your lifestyle to keep the joints and muscles in your back healthy for relief of your sciatica pain.

Many people can find relief with exercise, however, it is important to see your health professional who will be able to rule out any serious problems that might be causing your sciatica pain. Exercises that will offer some relief from sciatica symptoms should stretch the muscles that cause the pain because they are inflexible and tight. Pain is caused when certain muscles, through which the sciatic nerve courses, are too tight and constrict the sciatic nerve. Additionally, your health care professional will be able to give you suggestions on an exercise routine that is best suited to address the underlying cause of your pain, such as a herniated lumbar disc or spinal stenosis.

In order to sustain your healthy back, you should not sit or stand for too long. Take intermittent breaks, usually after thirty to sixty minutes, from prolonged sitting. If required to stand for a long time, you can frequently shift weight from one foot to the next and, if possible, rest one foot on a curb or small step.

You should try to reduce everyday stress on your lower back, in addition to a regular exercise routine, in order to avoid sciatica flare-ups. Be sure to maintain proper ergonomics while lifting and maintain good posture. The use of proper posture pertains to standing, sitting, and lying down.

Be sure that your low back is supported while sitting, in order to maintain good posture. You don't want to sit too straight or lean too far back when sitting, and being able to lightly rest your lower back against the chair will help when sitting. Getting a footrest is another way to help improve sitting posture by bringing your knees to the same level or slightly higher than your hips. Also be sure to sit up straight so your head is not leaning too far forward in an attempt to see what you're working on. Be sure to place reading material at the proper height so that you can easily read it without bending too far. The height of your computer screen should also not be too high or too low, so you can look straight at it.

Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided, if possible, as this position puts unnecessary stress on the ligaments, muscles and discs of your lower back. Putting a pillow under your hips will help reduce stress on your back, if you can't sleep without lying on your stomach.

When sciatica problems are a part of your life, it is very important to find long-term relief for your pain by taking the proper steps to care for your lower back every day.

R. Stewart is dedicated to helping people find quality relief for their sciatica pain. Check out her website at Quick Sciatica Relief. She provides unbiased information on a variety of treatments and exercises for sciatica. Also be sure to see Sciatica Treatment

Self Harm Help

Health care professionals, family members, friends, and relatives may mistakenly regard self harming teenagers and other people with mistrust and even fear that their behaviour is attention seeking and manipulative. Because it is generally a hidden act, self harm is hard to comprehend and hence the important of self harm awareness for all professionals and self harm awareness amongst family and friends, although this should not be left for the person who is self harming to provide this awareness for you.

When you know someone who engages in self harm, you may find yourself helpless at the face of their wounds, scars, and bruises. Your own emotions and fears of the situation may override the emotional pain and suffering experienced by teenagers which might lead you to blame self harming teenagers and self harming pupils instead of giving them support. Keep in mind that they may only be using this as a means of communicating their dilemma and confusion about their feelings and other matters and get the attention, comfort, and care that they have always wanted and needed. However distressing it can be for you, this is not necessarily their intention.

Whether people have got slight bruises, deep cuts, or others, the problem represented must be taken with seriousness, even if we don't understand why people cut themselves. The depth of the wound, if it is cutting, does not in anyway give an indication of the depths of their despair and anguish. While some behaviours are considered attention-seeking, self harming in teenagers, self harming pupils and other people is not attention seeking. What is vital for you to know in order to be able to get the proper support for your loved ones is that self injury is essentially attempting to alleviate oneself of intolerable tension, deep distressing emotional pain and suffering.

Self Harm Awareness

Self injury is and should not be considered suicidal intention expressions unless the person specifically expresses such thoughts. The reasons why self harm is not merely an act of seeking attention is as follows:

  •     It creates numbness through physical sensations and feelings become very intense
  •     It wants to stop the turmoil plus confusion resulting from uncontrolled emotions
  •     It is about punishing oneself because of contempt and self hatred
  •     It communicates one's needs for help
  •     It reaches the point wherein pressure and stress becomes unbearable

Self harming in teenagers and people is a coping mechanism. During challenging stressful and distressing times of emotional pain of being betrayed, neglected, abused, and abandoned, self injury and other physical pain relieves this tension, for a period of time. Teachers are another category of professionals that Self harm awareness and self harm training is essential for to provide crucial resource materials for teachers to be able to offer relevant and appropriate self harm help for self harming pupils.

Healthy Living - 6 Tips To Help You Live Long And Strong And Be The Best You Can Be

So, you want to live a healthy lifestyle but need advice on how to achieve that? Well you've come to the right place. There are many factors involved in living a long healthy life. Here are a few a great healthy choices to help you achieve your goal.

1. First things first, try to get a full nights sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important. Make sure that you get at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night. There are a lot of benefits to getting a full nights rest. They include; less stress and stronger immune system. Stress can cause a lot of problems with your health, such as, high blood pressure, anxiety, and weak immune system. Suitable rest is essential for living a long healthy life.

2. Another great way to achieve your goal is by eating healthy foods. Eating healthy is very important. When you eat healthy your body gets nutrients and those nutrients nourish your body. Eating foods like whole grains, leafy green vegetables, and fruits and vegetables are essential for keeping yourself fit and healthy. Foods like that are great because they prevent a lot of health problems such as, migraines, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and can even prevent some forms of cancer.

3. Take a daily multi-vitamin. Taking a daily vitamin can help you make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need to live a long and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you buy high quality vitamins, to take full advantage of them.

4. Make sure that you get enough water. Drinking enough water is also essential when you're trying to achieve the goal of living a long healthy life. Water works wonders for your kidneys,and all your organs for that matter, and it also helps you from becoming dehydrated. Staying hydrated can prevent dried skin, headaches, and it can also prevent urinary tract infections, too.

5. Exercise is another great way to help you live a long and healthy life. When you exercise every day for at least 30 minuets, it can help you maintain a good balanced weight, and it is also a great way to release endorphin's which helps with anxiety and stress. Even if it's just a light walk, or a run in place, you want to make sure you're staying active. When you release endorphin's you'll feel better afterwards. Also, doing some light exercises before going to bed can also help you sleep better at night.

6. Get out and get some sunshine. Getting some sun can make you feel better, so go outside and sit in the sunshine for at least 30 minuets a day. However, you don't want to get too much sun, because, being out in the sun too much can cause skin cancer. Sunshine also gives you vitamin D. Vitamin D helps maintain normal blood levels of minerals that help form and maintain strong bones. So, i's very important to make sure you're getting enough sun so you don't contribute to a Vitamin D deficiency.

These simple tips can improve your quality of life, and health more than you might think. Give them a try. You'll feel better, and you could well live a very long and healthy life.

How to Improve Your Health the Natural Way

Health promotion is the buzz word today as more and more people become proactive in health matters. As result of eating better, exercising more and minimizing stress, many folks have been able to minimize the need for dangerous medications that often cause deadly side effects.

This article will address seven natural steps you can take to improve your health without adding another medication.

Back to Eden

For eons of time, our ancestors promoted health by cooking and preparing locally grown fruits and vegetables that were free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Such foods were nature's own pharmacy. But, as food is now mass-produced, and profits have become the main objective, we have veered off way off track and are now plagued by chronic ailments of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. What can we do to get back on track?

Shop for locally grown vegetables and fruits. It is a fact that foods that are iced and shipped all over country lose nutrients, particularly vitamin C. (They longer they are off the vine, the more they lose nutritional value).

Also, if you chose to shop at local natural food grocery stores, remember that not all foods need to be organic. Those with thick-skins aren't as vulnerable to pesticides as thin-skinned veggies and fruits.

Avoid MSG and other additives like the plague

Decades ago my mother used to say to me that I should cook my foods myself and stop eating out at restaurants and fast food places. I never knew why, but I can say today that truer words could not have been spoken. We know that foods today are genetically modified, loaded with artificial colors, fats, sweeteners, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. These things are killing us!

When cooking at home, be careful about the spices that you use in seasoning your foods. Select natural, salt free, MSG free spices. They may cost more but the health benefits are certainly worth it. And, talk about taste? Your meals will dramatically taste better anyway as high sodium seasonings are avoided.

When grocery shopping

To promote personal health and that of your family, take a little time to read the labels on all foods brought into the home. For example, has the meat been injected with hormones and/or antibiotics? Is it free range or have the chickens been cooped up in a pen? It is no secret that such birds in this environment consume their own feces and are often in close quarters with sick animals. Do you want meat like that? Animals that have been raised and fed naturally produce healthier meats, anyway. Further, consider limiting the quantity of meats that your family consumes, particularly beef. This can help reduce lower blood pressure and help with many other conditions such as colon cancer and high cholesterol

If you do eat out

Restaurant chains and fast foods places are the biggest offenders when it comes to having large degrees of chemical and preservatives. Figure, these foods are mass-produced and preserved, probably frozen for months, then shipped to all the various chains country-wide There is absolutely no nutritional value, and the flavor is gone, hence MSG and sodium are used to mask this fact. What are we paying for? There is simply no nutrition in food like that.

If you must eat out, pick an old-time mom and pop place where you have more control; for example, you can request no salt on meat, etc.

Drink more water

Encourage the youngsters-and adults- to drink more water as this really helps flush out our organs of excretion and detox (liver and kidneys). The results are priceless with brighter skin, reduction in cavities and the elimination of some chronic illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma. Don't be tempted to use Crystal Light because this will defeat the purpose.

Limit the amount of fruit juices to four ounces when consumed. I know that this can be difficult, but I know many dentists who recommend this for avoidance of tooth decay.

Many mothers find that with limits on sugar consumption, some behavior issues can be more readily modified without dangerous medications.


We all could benefits from controlled sunlight which helps us in production of vitamin D. Researchers have found that this vitamin is important in fighting depression, breast cancer, high blood pressure and even contributing to bone health. Another benefit is by being outside more, exercise will be increased adding the benefit of weight loss.

Get your ZZZz's on

Health can't improve unless we are getting adequate amounts of sleep. And, to do this, we must learn to manage the stress. Job, family and personal stress should be reduced as much as possible. Take control and use whatever techniques work for you. But, do something. Health will pay the price unless this modifiable element is positively managed.

Sherl Wilsher is a nurse who is dedicated to writing about natural health and beauty topics. As the numbers of folks is growing who are tired of the adverse effects of chemicals, preservatives and drugs on health, these individuals are looking for sources of reliable information in educating themselves on important health topicss.

Why Are Disposable Medical Supplies Crucial?

With the population steadily increasing and the living spaces decreasing, the chances of infections and infectious diseases spreading are also on the high. Safeguarding yourself and your family from such infections is not very easy with children going to schools, you and your spouse going to office and meeting people, etc. Even though there is pretty much nothing you can do from others spreading these infections, the least you can do is protecting yourself from it. Disposable medical supplies are one such example of taking prevention against infections.

Hospitals are places where sick people are taken care of, treated and made healthy again. Ironically, hospitals are also places where infections can easily spread due to the presence of so many patients under one roof. And that is the reason there are so many infection preventive items stored there for protecting the patients and the staff. For persisting medical conditions such as diabetes, patients have to use syringes at home and such items are better used once and disposed.

Disposable medical supplies are of different types - some are meant to be used at home and some at hospitals. Some of the common items are syringes, gloves, masks, IV bags, thermometers, catheters, bags, etc. In other words, any item that has to be used on the body of the patients have to be separate and used only once and then be discarded so that if there is any infection in one patient, it does not spread to another.

Manufacturing of disposable medical supplies have to done with the best quality materials to ensure that they are safe for the patients to be used. Also, they have to be packed carefully and sealed since the patients would be using them on their body and any contact with germs or infected items have to be avoided.

Doctors, nurses and technicians in the laboratory have to take care that they use unopened and safely packed items each time they use it on each patient and dispose the items as soon as the use is over. It is the responsibility of the hospital to ensure that the staff uses only these disposable items on patients. And the responsibility of keeping oneself safe lies with the patients too. It is important that they insist on accepting only these disposable medical supplies for their use when they are in hospitals. While purchasing these products from the pharmacy, they need to ensure that they are buying sealed packets of medical supplies.

It is true that using disposable items is not exactly cheap. Initially it might appear to be expensive, but when it comes to your health it is definitely worth the cost as it ensures that you are protected from any infection or contamination and that you remain healthy always.

Five Practical Tips To Stay Fit In Winter

Staying healthy in winter is tough. It's the gloomy time of year when most people rather stay indoors. Because it's colder during wintertime, we tend to eat more, as this a way for our bodies to stay warm. So by not going outside and by eating (too) much we gain weight and lose stamina and strength. This opens up the door to the flu and colds. Also, the lack of sun and daylight can cause seasonal depression.

So what to do when winter gets the better of you? These tips might help you stay fit in winter.


If you don't want to go outside, this is no reason not to exercise. Practicing yoga or going to the fitness studio will get you the indoor exercise you need. Yoga is also good if you suffer from winter depression.

Basically, any form of exercise is beneficial, because moving and sweating make our brain produce endorphins, a happy hormone.

Playing in the snow, or shoveling the driving lane is healthy exercise too, however it's wise to be careful not to overdo it with shoveling snow, since it's hard labor and in the cold you could risk a heart attack. So shovel slowly and wisely.

Other good exercise in winter is skiing or snowshoe hiking.

Get plenty of fresh air

Because of the cold we tend to keep the windows shut and this reduces air circulation. Lack of fresh air makes us susceptible to disease too. So get out of the house, preferably during daylight. Walking the dog or taking a brisk walk in the park for half an hour or more can work wonders. Whatever happens, don't stay in the house all day. Fresh air and exercise are good for the immune system and blood circulation

Enjoy the daylight

Daylight is vital to our immune system and holds off depression. If you're lucky you can catch some sunlight as well. This might compensate the general lack of vitamin D we suffer during wintertime.

Drink plenty of water and tea

Because it's colder we heat the house, we get dehydrated. The problem is that we usually don't recognize this in winter. But if your skin is dry and scaly, it's a tell-tale sign you're not drinking enough fluids.

Green tea and co. are packed with antioxidants and will help strengthen the immune function and regulate skin moisture.

Healthy diet

Eating more in winter doesn't mean eating fat or over eating. Plenty of veggies, fruits and fish are recommended.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are full of antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen the immune system. Fish is protein rich, have plenty od vitamins D and E to compensate the lack of sun during winter.

How You Can Gain Digestive Health Naturally And Feel Terrific

Your digestive health will determine your overall physical and emotional health. This is because your digestion system is also the basis of your body's immune system. When your digestion becomes unbalanced, this can open the door to a multitude of health complications that include, gut infections, stomach pain, bloating, fatigue and constipation - to name a few.

These are the first warning signs that your body is trying to tell you - something is wrong. If these signs continue to be ignored and your digestion system remains unbalanced, more serious health problems can occur. These can take the form of GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.

Are You Treating Your Digestion With Respect

Many of us do not treat our digestive system with much respect. We tend to throw all sorts of foods, from high fat foods and sugary drinks, down our throats and expect our digestion to get on with it. It does its best, but there comes a time when this lifestyle begins to overwhelm our digestion and kinks start to occur. These create symptoms that we easily dismiss as living a busy lifestyle or a lack of sleep.

Fortunately, if you can change your habits, and implement digestive health strategies into your daily life, you can make a huge difference to how you feel physically and emotionally.

We all know that our immune system is very important when it comes to defending our bodies from infections, viruses and diseases. When our immune system is weakened, exposure to outside invaders will increase. Medical science is researching ways of boosting the immune system in order to treat serious diseases such as cancer. By doing so, the current treatment methods of killing bad as well as healthy cells can become a thing of the past.

OTC Drugs And Remedies Are Only Treating The Symptoms

If you, like many people, have suffered symptoms such as heartburn or excessive stomach acid, you have probably opted for over the counter solutions to relieve them. In the past, many of these OTC drugs required a prescription, but nowadays that is not the case. One of the most popular examples are antacid medications.

These work on the basis of neutralising your stomach acid and rebalancing your ph balance. However, antacids can also neutralise too much of the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Sufficient amounts are needed for breaking down and digesting the food you eat. Undigested food in the gut can become toxic - making your symptoms worse.

I am a great believer in caring for your body naturally, and a natural way of acquiring improved digestive health is with the help of prebiotics and probiotics. These two health promoting substances rebalance your digestive tract by increasing the amount of good bacteria and decreasing the amount of bad bacteria in your gut. As your digestion system rebalances, your immune system becomes stronger, enabling you to fight off viruses and disease.

Reversing years of bad eating habits will take time. You probably will not see immediate results. You just need to be patient and let the prebiotics and probiotics do their work. However, many people have experienced improvements in just a few days, especially with improved bowel movements and being more regular. This is not surprising, because the increased number of friendly bacteria is breaking down and absorbing the food more efficiently. In this way, toxic waste is excreted from the body more rapidly - it does not get the time to fester and become toxic.

Digestive Health Naturally

There are a number of ways that you can attain digestive health. For example, digestive enzymes are very important for efficient digestion. Enzymes such as protease and the antioxidant enzyme peroxidise can be found in raw foods. You have the option of taking whole food supplements. Super foods such as chlorella and wheat grass are popular ways to strengthen your digestion. These can be easily mixed with water or juice.

My personal preference is the good old kiwifruit. This little guy contains high levels of vitamin C and minerals such as potassium. It also happens to be rich in prebiotics and phenolic compounds that aid digestion.

I like to eat a kiwi with either kefir or a low fat natural probiotic yogurt. This helps me to be regular. If this is too bland for you - become creative and add extra fruit. Blueberries taste great and are high in antioxidants which help to strengthen your immune system.

Sean is a strong opponent of natural health strategies which he applies in his own life to improve and balance his digestion system.