The Power of Nature for Healthy Living Is in Adult Stemcell Nutrition

Knowing where to find the power of nature for healthy living. Nutrition plays a critical role in our health and wellbeing, especially if you want to build a strong and athletic body. We all need proper cellular nourishment to develop and support a strong immune system, building muscle and body building transformation.

We are living in a time and culture in which most do not see the full connection between what we are placing in our mouths as food, and how our bodies are affected. We need to get the nutrition facts.

Athletes, weekend warriors and recreational activities all want our bodies to do well and support our cell regeneration as a result of using our bodies. Even just maintaining daily bodily functions, the cells of all our organs must either be replaced, renewed or repaired.

Issues that Stand in the Way of Muscle and Fitness and Ultimate Optimal Health:

#1 Empty Harvest:

Our soil and our food chain are missing the plant-based micronutrients needed for the basic functioning of life.

#2 Poor Digestion:

Our intestinal tract and blood stream are capable of reaching a state where we are poisoning ourselves. Meals for bodybuilders and supplements for bodybuilders can add much to the budget, but if our gut is not extracting the goodness we will see poor results.

#3 Low Assimilation of Nutrients:

We need efficient functioning of our digestive systems to escort unwanted invaders out of the body.

Empty Harvest + Poor Digestion + Low Assimilation of Nutrients = Weakened Cells, Poor Muscle Growth, Low Performance, Fatigue and an At Risk Immune System.

The Good News- We Can Increase Adult Stem Cells in our Blood Circulation

We are a self-regenerating organism. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, the author of Quantum Healing, we replace 98% of all our cells inside of ONE YEAR.

•Every six months: new bones

•Every ten days: a new stomach lining

•Every three months: new blood cells

"98% if the 100 trillion cells that made up our body last year are no longer there."

Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD

In one year, we can rebuild our blood, our cells, our organs, and our Immunity. Change the quality of nutrients, and we can literally recreate ourselves- from the inside out.

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